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1 May 20:00
plus pre-performance lecture at 19:00

The Rehabilitation of


Ulrike Brand, Klaus Janek

Ingo Reulecke

In his late work, Ludwig Wittgenstein distanced himself from the idea that terms could be clearly defined by a certain meaning. He then conceded that the Undefined and the Vague have their own language quality - ‘language’, for us, being the language of sound and of movement. Just like improvisation, also the Vague offers unlimited possibilities of creating conscious and unconscious connections between sounds, gestures and noise, obtaining ever new and complex imaginary constellations.

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Exploring Territories


an empty room.

Sten Rudstrøm, Kate Hilder, Sabine von der Tann, Matthias Rüttiman & Peter Krempelsetzer enter.

they don't know what’s going to happen.

no script, no preconceived thoughts or ideas.

out of the emptiness they craft a landscape of dance, speech and song.

at the intersection of the present, imagination and life experience  molding into stories strange characters, pictures, places and things.

a wild, unpredictable, unique journey through raw human nature

FACT_FANCY_copyright PingPengPerformance

Fact or Fancy?…. Fact and fancy?….. Fancy Facts? …...Factual Fantasy?

When imagination makes us glitter, sparkle, make all sorts of sounds and movements  - what about the facts? Are they neutral, clear, rigid or even shiny, just different?

An audiovisual dance performance along the thin line between imagination and reality.


Mindfulness & Confidence

Zoë Tomruk

19.00: Lecture

This lecture examines the space between mindfulness and confidence. How is acting out in "as if" mode related to experiencing? What about practicing mindfulness instead of "boosting" your confidence? How is your biography, culture and gender linked to your performance in life or on stage?

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