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Moving in Confidence

Viewpoints & Improvisation

Thursday 30/4     15:45 - 17:30

Studio 1

Nine different physical viewpoints make sure that at every moment in an improvisation you know how to continue in space and in relation to the other performers.
They constitute a practical, non-psychological body, voice and acting work training a performer's and creator's awareness of being in the moment and of reacting directly to the happenings through their intentional use while working.
They are also a philosophy translated into a technique for building ensembles, training performers and creating movement for the stage. So, work on stage is made easier and clearer. And a lof of fun!



Patricia Rigg has been working with the viewpoints in improvisation, directing and teaching for more than a decade. She was taught by Ilka Metzner who has learnt them from Anne Bogart at Salzburg Mozarteum and Anne’s Siti Company in Saratoga Springs, NY. Patricia teaches viewpoint, physical training according to Grotowski, clowning, acting, presentation and communication on a national and international basis with groups of all ages. She also works in drama education, professional teacher training and develops theatre pieces with her students. In 2013 Patricia established her own viewpoint company.

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