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Sunday 3/5     10:00 - 12:00

Improvisation is a free and wild running river. What happens if we give structure to this unbound journey? – In this workshop we focus on the dramaturgy and composition in improvisation. With the help of a simple structure we bring some order and landmarks into the wilderness of improvisation. Introducing chapters is a simple form to organize ensemble performances and create poetic scenery and stories in a playful way. Let yourself be inspired for your next performances.



Exploring Territories

with EAT

Friday 1/5     20:00

Chapters – a foolish arrangement

with OFF SZoEN

Sunday 3/5     20:00


Matthias Rüttimann is a performer, Action Theater™ teacher and theater director from Switzerland. He holds a master's degree in literature and philosophy. He studied improvisation with Peter Honegger, Ruth Zaporah and others. With his company OFF SZoEN, an interdisciplinary artist collective based in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland, he explored the boundaries of theater and toured international. In various collaborations with artists and ensembles he connected classical music with hiphop, magic with storytelling and performance art with life. Since 2018 member of the European Action Theater Ensemble (EAT).

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