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The Expanded Body

Thursday 30/4     10:00 - 12:00

Studio 6

After an anatomical exploration of the structure of the spine, in pairs and involving touch, we aim to expand the articulation of the spine to the extremities of the body and beyond, into the space and the environment around us. Perception and agency of the body go beyond its physical borders. While we primarily identify the body as the matter delimited by the skin, the expanded body includes and affects portions of space outside such delimitation. We allow for and discover movement, refine articulation as well as physical awareness and presence. Mostly working solo, there will be some partner work involving touch as a tool to bring the body into focus.

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Unlimited Possibilities Until Further Notice

Saturday 2/5    20:00


Giorgio Convertito is an Italian dance artist based in Helsinki, Finland. He holds a BA from the School for New Dance Development, a department of the Amsterdam Theater School and an MA in Dance Pedagogy from the Uniarts Helsinki. He has worked since 1993 as a dancer and a choreographer around Europe and as teacher at various levels of education. Improvisation has been his main interest throughout his career, as a performer, teacher and facilitator. Between 2006 and 2013 he organized and curated The Helsinki Meeting Point, a multidisciplinary improvisation event whose main purpose was to cultivate the improvisation community in Helsinki.

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