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2 May 20:00
plus pre-performance lecture at 19:00
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A solo performance, where both the choreographic and narrative material is instantly composed. There are no preset themes, but those rather emerge in parallel lines, crossing and meeting during the performance. Images, tales, characters and choreographic elements are woven together in a book-like structure with a prologue, chapters and an epilogue.


sharing the unknown


diving into an ocean unknown.

playing with the treasures we found


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Nothing to Lose but my Chains

Seke Chimutengwende

Moving between dance, poetry, stand-up, storytelling, philosophy and politics, Seke performs without any pre-planned structure or theme, preferring to find both in the moment of performance.


The ABC's of Action Theater

Sten Rudstrøm

19:00: Lecture/Demo


Action Theater™, a body-base improvisation practice devised by Ruth Zaporah, treats movement, voice and language equally. Its exercises and skill-building tools directly apply to all performance methods. In this presentation, Rudstrøm explains the basic theory behind the practice, structure of exercises and its importance for improvisation and life in general.

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