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30 April 20:00


Klebert & Rager

Klebert and Rager play with movement, voice and language and without a plan. Guided by inspiring misunderstandings, fertile disappointments and dubious turns, they make their way across the desert of the empty stage. Minimalist dialogues follow surreal dances, images and situations are blown along like snowflakes. The weather will turn.


Improvisation #20.1


In Streugut, we slam several media together: movement, speech, voice and a musical instrument. We all come from varied trainings: our approach and understanding of expressing a feeling state, mood, attitude and/ or energy differs. We find common ground in the shared ability to listen, sense and pay attention. Whether it is a flash of movement or a repeated phrase, we notice each other, following the sound and energy of the room or the music of the improvisation.



(Some Old Friends That Did

Improvise Something Cool Once)

Jess CurtisStephanie Maher

Jess Curtis and Stephanie Maher have known each other for almost 30 years, during which time they danced and improvised together in the projects 'Sex and Gravity' and CORE's Entertainment for the Apocalypse" and taught throughout the US and Europe. They will be performing together for the first time in a while.

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