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Foolish Verse

and other nonsensical endeavours

Sunday 3/5     15:45 - 17:30

Where do we find words? Single ones, lines?

How do they become lyrical, poetic?

How do we open to that coming to us, rather than feeling under pressure to make it happen?

How does poetry come from pressure?

From exhaustion?

From idleness and stumbling?

How can we open to the constant surprise of not knowing?



Jaya Härtlein completed a Jacques Lecoq physical theatre training 2004 in Italy, then discovered different approaches to performance and theatre while living in the UK. Since 2008 she has trained in improvisation with Al Wunder, Andrew Morrish and John Britton, as well as Action Theatre™ with Kate Hilder. She practices Buddhist meditation as a student of James Low, and explores the daily meeting point of physical and contemplative practice. She is a clown, a poet, and enjoys unlikely interdisciplinary meetings. Jaya lives in Berlin and teaches in the UK, USA, India, Holland and Germany.

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