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The Organism

Saturday 2/5     10:00 - 12:00

This workshop is for anybody interested in gaining confidence in group improvisation. We will develop skills of listening, noticing and responding in performance. We will work with what is already happening as a way of generating material collectively. Seke brings all his experience and humour as performer into this workshop. His teaching facilitates ease and confidence in performing and a joyful approach to improvising together.



Nothing to Lose but my Chains

Solo Performance

Saturday 2/5     20:00


Seke studied dance at London Contemporary Dance School and has performed for companies such as DV8 Physical Theatre, Lost Dog and Fabulous Beast. After meeting Andrew Morrish in 2006 Seke went on to develop a solo improvisation practice, performing over 60 solo improvisations internationally. Seke performs duets with Kate Hilder and ensemble improvisation with Neat Timothy.

His choreographic work includes several group pieces and a duet Black Holes, made in collaboration with Alexandrina Hemsley, which was selected for the British Council Edinburgh Showcase in 2019. Seke is currently a guest lecturer in improvisation at London Contemporary Dance School.

Seke bio
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