29 April 20:00

a duet with Biliana Voutchkova violin|movement

& Harald Kimmig violin|movement


two bodies, two violins, two entities

step by step, sound by sound

knowing, not knowing, sensing, trusting

Impro PUR!-The Voice

Johanna Seiler & Friends

There will be vocal music.

Varied in genre, style, mood, texture & language.

That´s all we know.

Nothing is prepared, every note is improvised.

Be surprised with us about the unique pieces of music arising purely in the moment!

We listen. We are the echo. We weave text and vocal exploration. We pause. We dive into the unknown.


Sten Rudstrøm and Sabine vd Tann have been working together since they met in 1990 in Ruth Zaporah's studio.

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