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3 May 20:00
plus pre-performance lecture at 19:00

It’s Such a Good Feeling

Kate Hilder

Weaving voice, movement, memories, melodies and images, I create intricate, colorful landscapes which sometimes have a clear story line but more often are a poetic expression of feelings, emotions and the imagination.


Chapters – a foolish arrangement

OFF SZoEN Theater

How many chapters exist in the time we waste on nonsense? – What role do we play in such chapters and when does the thick end come? - A performance from the endless book of crazyness by OFF SZoEN.


Despair is for Amateurs

Andrew Morrish

Solo improvisation is a paradoxical enterprise.

We arm ourselves with skills, to give us courage,

and yet we hope to find ourselves defenseless and surprised when we do it.

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Inside the Outside –

Mindful Improvisation

Anton Krueger

19.00: Lecture


Are there lessons of acceptance, openness and empathy which improvisation can learn from mindfulness? What happens when attention shifts from “outer” to “inner” awareness?

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