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Plant Moves

Thursday 30/4     13:30 - 15:15

Studio 6

We will use our voices in a very simple individual way and connect it to our movements.

We are touching plants - we are talking to plants - we are caressing plants - we move like plants - we sing like plants - WE ARE PLANTS !

Bring your bodies, bring your voices, bring any musical instruments, bring some plants: from your home, from your garden, from public gardens.





with Ingo Reulecke & Klaus Janek

Friday 3/5     20:00

Ulrike Brand, born in Germany, was introduced to contemporary cello-playing through Siegfried Palm.

Since 1985 she has participated as a soloist in the major international festivals of contemporary music.

She has worked closely with John Cage, as well she has commissioned and premiered works by several younger composers. She realized radio broadcasting productions in Italy, Swiss, Germany, France, Uruguay and Norway
Since 2017 she is Lecturer for Improvisation at the University of the Arts, Berlin. She is active as a curator of  concert series and interdisciplinary projects involving visual arts, dance, language and live electronics.

Ulrike bio
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