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On Solid Ground 1&2

Wednesday 29/4     10:00 - 12:00

Thursday 30/4     10:00 - 12:00 Studio 1

Improvising is working with the mind/body and dealing with the mind’s narratives created about the physical experience. Addressing the mental split between experiencing your actions and analyzing them, we will re-build a living connection to the body experience and reduce the mental chatter that interrupts our joy of being. As every mental judgment links to the past, we will treat judgment as a mental construct no longer in the present but actually delaying our experience of now.

This workshop consists of 2 parts. They work well together, but it is possible to attend either one.




Duet with Sabine von der Tann

Wednesday 29/4     20:00


Improvisation 20.1

with Streugut

Thursday 30/4     20:00

Exploring Territories

with EAT

Friday 1/5     20:00


Sten Rudstrøm has been working in the field of improvisation for the last 30 years. He teaches and performs internationally, founded the improvisation group EAT (Sabine von der Tann, Andres Noormets, Kate Hilder, Peter Krempelsetzer, Matthias Ruttiman, Estelle Sorribas) and is a member of Streugut (Ingo Reluecke, Zufit Simon, Martin Clausen, Alexander Frangenheim). In 1986, he met Ruth Zaporah/Action Theater™, and is a Certified Senior Teacher. With Satu Palokangas, he has developed The Core of Expression, a somatics and improvisation embodiment training that currently tours internationally. His workshops are inspiring, exciting and challenging.

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