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Voice Pulsing

Circle Songs

Thursday 30/4     15:45 - 17:30

This class will open a space to re-connect with the pleasure of creating music with our breath, voice, mouth, body. We start with hands-on somatic work to bring our attention to the sensation arising from the mouth cavity, the waves of breath, the impulses to move, and the musical imagination that comes with them.
Once we are aware of these fine levels of the body/voice connection, we tune our listening to the complex rhythms that are present in our speech, breath, movement, and learn how to harness these micro-pulsations to create improvised percussive vocal music. In the last part of the session I will open few Circle Songs, which are improvised choral songs based on repetition of simple vocal loops and collective rhythmical entrainment.



Alessio Castellacci is a performer, teacher and sound composer based in Berlin. After studying Developmental Psychology (Rome, It) and Choreography (Artez – Nl), he has been drawn to explore the expressive possibilities of the human voice, and has developed a method for voice & movement improvisation. In collaboration with Irena Z. Tomažin he runs The World is Sound (TWIS), a series of workshops for voice embodiement in Berlin, and organizes the yearly dance program ROAR.

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