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Fluffing Up The Nothing

Object work with Pillows

Thursday 2/5     13:15 - 15:45

In this workshop for body & objects, we will examine the performative qualities of "pillows".

We explore the physical properties, their inherent movements and deal with how our objects can be transformed. 

How do pillows become interactive stage sets and performance installations?

How does the material change our movement possibilities?

How is movement reduced?

What new qualities of movement do they produce? 

In addition, we explore how our material becomes a stage partner and its use as a multi-functional element, such as a prop, costume ... 

Please bring 2 or more pillows if possible.

FACT_FANCY_copyright PingPengPerformance


Fact & Fancy

Duet with Silvia Sauer

Friday 1/5     20:00


Birgit Wieger is a performer, choreographer & director from the field of movement  & object theater, collaborating often in interdisciplinary projects. In her works dance, sound, space & objects originate unique movement & sound landscapes. Works of her were shown on international festivals & venues. 2018 she founded with Silvia Sauer PingPengPerformances.

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