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Laban & Action Theater

Wednesday 1/5     16:00 - 18:30

Sometimes, we feel limited by the choices we see ourselves make during an improvisation and doubt our infinite potential for creativity. How can Rudolf Laban’s Effort Qualities open our up bodies and minds to more freedom and possibilities in our Action Theater work? In this workshop, Jenny Beth Schaffer takes students through an Effort Qualities practice and then lets students experiment with how Laban’s insights can enliven and color their Action Theater practice.



The Fig & the Twig

Duet with Matthias Rüttimann

Wednesday 1/5     20:30


Jenny Beth Schaffer is a physical theater performer, improvisation artist, and monologist. Her performance/ presence practice focuses on cultivating moment to moment awareness to allow unexpected, exquisite narrative and images to emerge. Jenny Beth has been practicing, teaching, and performing Action Theater for 25 years. She was a member of the International Action Theater Ensemble and has collaborated over the years in many delightful physical theater and dance projects. Jenny Beth holds a degree from the IMS Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies Certification Program.

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