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The Organism

Thursday 30/4     10:00 - 12:00

Each step, sound, word or action we generate extends an invitation to those around us, prompting a series of responses and interactions which become the flesh and bones of a new organism. Provided that we remain aware of this relationship, it lives. To craft this life, we play with timing and space while connecting to our internal feeling states. We learn to say “yes” to the unknown, allowing the situation to develop its own logic, personality and energy. Participants are asked to commit to the moment and the myriad pathways that arise from that commitment.



Shinichi has been teaching body flow and composition in workshops and Universities since 1994. Shinichi taught dance composition and technique at Mills College (MFA program) from 2009-2017, UC Davis (MFA program) in 2014 and workshops at Universities including UC Berkeley, Experimental Theater Wing at NYU/Tisch, Stanford University and numerous workshops throughout the USA and Europe. Shinichi is a certified teacher of Action Theater, holds a black belt in Aikido and Judo, is a certified Qi Gong instructor with Lotus Nei Gong and operates the Swiss satellite branch of Wudang West, offering instruction in classical wellness arts from Wudang.

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